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Max Verstappen - Red Bull RB19

Max Verstappen - Red Bull RB19 print by Simon Taylor

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NEW!! Max Verstappen - Red Bull RB19

This formula 1 Giclée print features pencil drawn portraits of Max Verstappen, and a colour pencil illustration of Max at the wheel of the all conquering 2023 Red Bull RB19.

Each print measures 450 x 326mm approx. and is printed on fine quality paper. Each print is hand signed by Simon Taylor.

Painstakingly reproduced from the original drawing and professionally printed to the highest standards using the highest quality inks and art paper.

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Please note that these prints are unofficial and are not affiliated to any driver/team or sponsor except where noted.
Printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255 gsm - matt textured paper using the highest quality archival UV stable inks.
Somerset Enhanced is a professional fine art paper made at St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset. It has a velvety mid textured surface, using natural woollen felts and is 100% cotton. This archival grade paper exhibits high whiteness, without the use of optical brightening agents and is buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack that finished prints may encounter from air pollution.

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